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Seven Things About Me

I should slap myself! I’ve not written anything over here for about two months; not funny. Honestly, i’ve been kinda busy, but honestly, i’ve been kinda lazy too. It’s no excuse though. It seems like i’m forgetting why i started this blog in the first place. I have to keep reminding myself or else i’ll have another relapse. Maybe the answer is pacing; choosing to write a minimum number of posts each month. But i’m back, promising myself, like an addict, to have no more relapses.

For my amazing comeback, i’m going to write a little about myself cause i was tagged/awarded by the beautiful and talented Ginger. I’m totally jealous of her writing and analytical skills. She reviews movies a lot, and i absolutely love that cause i love movies. The award is the Stylish and Versatile Blogger (which i totally don’t deserve), and the rules are simple: write 7 things about yourself and pass it on. So, here goes:

  1. I love to sleep. It’s a miracle how i get out of bed in time for work. I’ve had close calls countless times! One day, my boss even asked me how come i’m at work really early (that was a fluke). But this year, things are changing…hopefully!
  2. I love the night. I would be so awesome as a vampire cause i’d have no angst about never seeing the sun. The night is quiet, starry, and beautiful. I’m definitely an owl (like right now it’s almost 1:30am, and i’m still wide awake)
  3. I love to watch movies. That’s one of my favorite ways to relax. I get to watch them and not think too strategically (well, except for Inception maybe). Movies help me escape…for 1h45m.
  4. I love music. I don’t know what i’d do without it. I look forward to hearing new songs and finding old ones. I’ve only got about 1,300 songs on my system though, cause i delete the ones i don’t LOVE. I can lip sync to every one of the songs i have. They range from classics, to rock, to RnB, to dancehall.
  5. I want to take photography lessons. I suddenly became obsessed with pictures last year. As part of that obsession, i started a blog that showcases all the joys of life, in pictures. I love it.
  6. I love to eat, and hang out, in bed. There’s just this lazy and relaxing thing about it, even if i’m working on office stuff. Being in bed is really relaxing, and it’s sort of like my haven
  7. I’m a tad antisocial. I can probably go weeks without seeing any friends. I just like to be in my own space a lot, and i really appreciate those friends of mine who understand and are not like ‘why didn’t you call me?’. There’s a limit though, where i realize it’s not really healthy to be holed up, away from everyone. So, a shout out to my Blackberry for helping me out here

Okey dokey! That’s seven things about me! I’m passing on this award to: Chic Therapy, Looking Glass of an Immigrant, The Amalgamation of Me+Moi+Emi, The Messenger Bag, and Drollgirl. These are amazing gals that i always go back to on the blogosphere.

P.S. Check out Life…Captured (the joys of life blog) for 7 things about me in pictures! I just couldn’t resist hehe.