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You Know How You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Till You Get There?

When I hear people say ‘I feel the urge to write’, all I think is “ugh? What does that even mean?” Well, I knew today. It’s not a feeling you can explain. It’s like stuff is piling up on your chest- as heavy as an elephant, and you just need to…well, to spill. But worse, you don’t even know how to say what you need to say- you might not even know what you need to say. Like right now, I don’t know if you’ve realized that I’m pretty clueless about what I’m writing :s

Okay, in the midst of this gibberish, I have realized that I need a creative outlet. I think everybody does, especially when they have a boring job. My job involves a lot of research and writing, but it’s not fun writing, it’s ‘businessy’ writing, and I’m only just realizing that I need to be good at something creative- something I can do for myself. So, this leads me to wonder what creative thing I like. Uhm…give me a moment…a minute…an hour?

Okay, I like to draw- I remember I really loved fine art in JSS but I totally lost touch. I’ve also been seriously thinking about learning how to design clothes and sew- this urge comes on particularly strong when I’m dealing with my tailor. Oh yeah, and I came across some awesome DIY style blogs and I got really green. So if I like it that much I might as well get some sewing lessons! I’m liking this idea. I’m liking it plenty. Another thing I know I like is photography but I suck a** at it!

Okay, this is my creative resolution for the year: (1) learn how to draw and design female clothing; (2) challenge myself with DIY fashion projects; and (3) practice photography and teach myself Photoshop. I also resolve to not get discouraged cause right now I know NOTHING!

So eagerly, I have created yet another blog (this blog creation is getting out of hand *cringe*) where I’ll be gathering fashion and style DIY projects and How Tos. Wish me luck! I’ll need it x(

Photo Credit: Gasspanic