This blog is about my opinions about…well, everything. Some posts are serious, others are downright silly, but hopefully, all are interesting and fun. i’m right at you on all and sundry, but it’s all just my opinion- could be right, could be wrong, but i don’t care cause it’s mine right? So, who am i? I’m just a simple Nigerian girl, trying to breathe and live a life that matters. I’m an environmental consultant, and hopefully will soon be a business sustainability consultant. You can check out my more serious/work blog here.

On a more fun note, i love reading, watching movies (a waste of time i know but i can’t help it *sigh*), drinking coke, staring at perfume and jewelry stores, people watching and outfit staring, sleeping, eating in bed, dressing up, eating out, photographs, and a whole other bunch of odd stuff. You can check out my totally unserious photography blogs about all the joys of life here and my fashion photography blog here.

Most importantly though, i hope to meet awesome people in the blogosphere- i can’t wait.

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter 😀


One response to “About

  1. Hey Adiya,
    I’m new to your blog; came over from MyneWhitman’s page. I enjoyed reading your comments there and have enjoyed reading the posts here.
    So I’m giving you an award….. go check it out on my page.

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