I’m Moving…

Why do people blog? I suppose some could just love writing, some just want to rant, some want to promote their businesses, and some want to make money. Uhm, what else? I’d love some input please. I think i first got into blogging mainly because i was curious. My first blog lacked direction. For real. I looked at it one day and i realized it was way too personal. I mean, some of the things i wrote, i would be embarrassed if my mother saw it; and i was posting them on the Web! How dumb was that? So, i took it down.

After several tries i thought my blog should showcase something i totally love – pictures, so i put this blog up. And then, i thought, i needed to practice my writing skills, so i put this blog up. And then, i thought, i needed to write about my work- it would make me sit up, learn, and create awareness, so i put this blog up. Then i thought, hey, what about my fashion interests, and so i put this blog up. In a way again, i’m lacking direction and managing 4 blogs. And even though they are low pressure, i can’t put my all in all of them.

I’ve been trying to get my career off the ground. I’ve got plans. And sometime ago i thought, hey, why can’t you just start off now? So, i’m putting all my personal blogs on hold and concentrating on The Corner Shop. The Corner Shop is true to my career- Sustainable Business Strategy. It will feature Nigerian Small and Medium-scale enterprises, with business advice, and a few fun stuff. Don’t worry, i won’t let it get all stuffy. I’m giving it my full attention, and i pray and hope that it will grow into something special and meaningful. The blog is a big part of my career plan, so fingers crossed for me, and for everyone else trying to make their dreams come true!

Photo from weheartit.com


One response to “I’m Moving…

  1. I started blogging cause I love writing about things that tickle my fancy. I thought it would be nice to find like minded people out there. Then I realised it was a good way to make friends and improve my writing skills too. So far so good. But I havent thought of putting up another blog. 4 blogs? managing my single one takes all my time as it is.

    Good luck as you pursue your dreams. We’ll be cheering all the way!!

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