You’re The Leader you’re Ranting On and On About

Whenever you ask anyone what they think is wrong with Nigeria, you can expect one adamant robotic reply – ‘Our leaders!’ What they mean to say is ‘our government leaders’. They totally forget that everyone is a leader at different points in their lives. I know they forget because no one likes to say ‘hey, I’m the problem’.

The same people that say ‘our leaders are our problem’ are the ones jumping queues like everyone else is invisible; they’re the ones giving their kids money to ‘sort out academic problems’ cause everyone else is doing it anyway; they’re the ones padding their expense accounts and budgets like the mayor in ‘Cloudy with a Chance…’; they’re the ones…in fact, I could go on but I need to spare my fingers from all that typing!

Nobody seems to realize that WE are our nation’s problem. The root cause isn’t the system! Gather all government officials in one building and bomb them. The government that will replace them will still be just as bad, putting systems in place that are sure to turn us into a country fit for hell itself. We’ll only be replacing disease for disease.

It seems like such a hopeless situation, because the next generation that we can hope to replace this one, and make things better, is just as bad! Check out how much exam cheating goes on, as if all Nigerian youth have brains made of sieves. I wonder, do we have to wait till the next next generation for Nigerians to start saying ‘hey, I’m the problem’? I sure hope not, but that seems quite likely, and I may just be being optimistic.

Photo Credit: Miss Vintage Vixen


4 responses to “You’re The Leader you’re Ranting On and On About

  1. I try to be as optimistic as you but sometimes, it gets very depressing that the people are not changing! Let’s keep doing our own bit I guess.

    Have a lovely week.

  2. Your post is so insightful. I never thought about the Nigerian situation that way before. You are right, if we replaced every government leader in Naija today, there is no guarantee that we will end up any better. I guess change, like you implied, must come one person at a time. Each of us must acknowledge what we are contributing to the demise of our nation and make the necessary changes. Like Myne Whitman said, the whole deal can be “very depressing.” God help us.

  3. Gbam!!! I am soo with you. Change starts with each and everyone of us. I have always believed that and preached it with family and friends. Bribery is bribery be it ten naira or one million naira. So to stealing. So to intolerance. So too cheating in exams.
    I’m not despondent. I just believe we should never tire of preaching it or living it..

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