You Know How You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Till You Get There?

When I hear people say ‘I feel the urge to write’, all I think is “ugh? What does that even mean?” Well, I knew today. It’s not a feeling you can explain. It’s like stuff is piling up on your chest- as heavy as an elephant, and you just need to…well, to spill. But worse, you don’t even know how to say what you need to say- you might not even know what you need to say. Like right now, I don’t know if you’ve realized that I’m pretty clueless about what I’m writing :s

Okay, in the midst of this gibberish, I have realized that I need a creative outlet. I think everybody does, especially when they have a boring job. My job involves a lot of research and writing, but it’s not fun writing, it’s ‘businessy’ writing, and I’m only just realizing that I need to be good at something creative- something I can do for myself. So, this leads me to wonder what creative thing I like. Uhm…give me a moment…a minute…an hour?

Okay, I like to draw- I remember I really loved fine art in JSS but I totally lost touch. I’ve also been seriously thinking about learning how to design clothes and sew- this urge comes on particularly strong when I’m dealing with my tailor. Oh yeah, and I came across some awesome DIY style blogs and I got really green. So if I like it that much I might as well get some sewing lessons! I’m liking this idea. I’m liking it plenty. Another thing I know I like is photography but I suck a** at it!

Okay, this is my creative resolution for the year: (1) learn how to draw and design female clothing; (2) challenge myself with DIY fashion projects; and (3) practice photography and teach myself Photoshop. I also resolve to not get discouraged cause right now I know NOTHING!

So eagerly, I have created yet another blog (this blog creation is getting out of hand *cringe*) where I’ll be gathering fashion and style DIY projects and How Tos. Wish me luck! I’ll need it x(

Photo Credit: Gasspanic


6 responses to “You Know How You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Till You Get There?

  1. I wish you luck in your goals. You also have a talent in writing and maybe you can do something about that too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. God will help us in Naija.

  2. good for you.Get that creativity out there.

  3. Hmmm, interesting. So, ought to also go register for that piano lesson.

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