Stepford Wives Are Almost Extinct

The role of women in the society has changed so much in the past years. Women have gone from super cleaning housewives to CEOs. Check out these scenarios and see just how different things have been. My best scenario though, is one that mixes all the three scenarios below, like a refreshing cocktail.

Elizabeth, 1940Elizabeth wakes up as usual at 5:30am on Monday morning in 1940. The first thing on her mind is breakfast. She starts a hearty meal of bacon, sausage, eggs, bread, and coffee, and runs a hot bath for darling Fred and the 2 kids. Fred appears in the kitchen and gives a her chaste peck on her cheeks in exchange for the cup of hot coffee and the big breakfast she lays out in front of him. Everyone troops out after a particularly noisy dinner and she gets to work.

Dirty plates, dirty laundry, dirty floors, un-watered plants, dusty cupboards, unfolded clothes, remnants of yesterday’s ironing, groceries, mmh what else what else. She has been working for 4 hours, stopping only once for a chicken sandwich. It’s already 2pm and Catherine and Joe would be home soon. She prepares a lunch of spaghetti and bakes a chocolate cake for desert. The kids come trooping in and she lets them run around a bit, disrupting the throw pillows and dirtying the floors. She sighs and scolds, making them calm down, and serves them lunch, only allowing a piece of cake each despite the piteous faces they make…

Catherine, 1962It’s Sunday morning in 1962, and Catherine pries one eye open and groans. The sun is way too bright and her head pounds. And whose hand is around her waist. Oh wait, last night, drinks, weed, and fiancé James who she has been living with all of one week. She manages to get up and goes to get a cup of coffee. The trip to the kitchen is way too long. She puts on the TV on her way to the fridge and is pleasantly surprised to see a report of the protest she had been in yesterday, which had led to the party afterwards, which had led to this hangover. At least she remembered taking the Pill, thank God for THAT invention she thought, and at least she didn’t have to go in to work today.

James tumbled into the kitchen grabbing the coffee from her hands, looking surprisingly wide awake.
“Hey you” he chippered.
“Ughhh” she replied.
‘How about breakfast?”
“Good idea’ she grumbled, promptly sitting down.
“…which I’m going to make” added James.
That at least earned him a smile…

Joyce, 2010It’s Wednesday morning in 2010, and Joyce is sitting with her family eating a hurried breakfast. Her mother Catherine was coming to visit today and she is really looking forward to her arrival. Stories about the sexual revolution which her mother had been active in never bored her. But what was really on her mind was how she would finish her project presentation in time for Mary’s school drama.

Now though, everyone was getting late! She hurried the kids in her car, Mike got into his, and they went their separate ways. She hoped the house help would remember all the household chores she had written down for her. She dropped them off in school and got to work just on time. She met with her team and they reviewed the approach with which she would present the findings from their ongoing research. Yes, she would make sure they finished the meeting on time so she would not miss the school show. Maybe, she thought, she would even make a special dinner for Mike and the kids tonight…

In conclusion, the roles of women all around the world have changed over the years. The housewives of 1940 were the sexual revolution and female activists of 1960 and are now the high powered executives of 2010 – or at least, trying to be. Women have been striving for equality for a long time, and the society is finally starting to adjust.


3 responses to “Stepford Wives Are Almost Extinct

  1. those pictures speak a thousand words!Thank God for female liberation

  2. We’ve come a long way …… I loved the depiction of how roles of women have changed in the movie ‘Mona Lisa’s smile’. As for me, give me a billionaire husband and I shall happily be a ‘stay at home wife’ of old. Careers are over-rated 🙂 (don’t believe all you read!)

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